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Brexit has created a climate of uncertainty that is unlikely to resolve itself any time soon. Many people and organisations are looking to hedge / offset risk by planting one foot in Europe.

Skilled Talent

In Provence, access to skilled talent is easier, the talent pool is larger, standards are high, and the cost is much lower.

Funding & lower cost

European funding is a largely untapped source of investment for UK businesses. It pays to broaden your business horizons.

quality of life

Provence offers the quality of life that new generations of business are beginning to prioritise, and even to insist on.

Success Stories


"Our decision to locate to Marseille was made on behalf of our clients. The city is open to the world and it is the best hub for data exchanges between Europe, Africa, and Asia."

Interxion, data centers Holland

"As the birthplace of the smartcard, Provence is the key cluster for security technology for our company and a location that provides us with opportunities for growth and the possibility of hiring top-quality employees."

Presto Engineering, IoT – United States

"Mr. Tajima, the owner of our parent company in Japan, was so enchanted by the setting of La Ciotat that he chose it as the location for the showroom to welcome European designers and Mediterranean manufacturers."

Tajima Europe, Global Textile Machinery – Japan

"We set up in Provence because of the presence of Airbus Helicopters and the TEAM Henri-Fabre project and because we considered this to be a territory where we could diversify our business activities."

Matrium, Logistics – Germany

Get the support you need to start up

Setting up a new office is time consuming, expensive and can be a serious headache. Provence Promotion’s team of experienced professionals have been supporting foreign businesses, large and small, to set up shop in Provence for two decades.

Let Provence Promotion take the pain away, and plug you directly into the Aix-Marseille ecosystem.

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