Reducing waste has been its leitmotif since 2012. The Parisian company assists private businesses and public agencies in setting out their strategies for reducing food and non-food wastage. In February, 2017, Eqosphere opened its national Prospectives RSE center in Marseille. Xavier Corval, the company’s founding CEO, highlights the role played by the Provence Promotion team. The forty-something executive was quickly introduced in the local ecosystem, which saved him considerable time and made the whole start-up process a lot easier. The choice of the southern city was almost a natural one, given both its dynamic character and the challenges faced at the local level.

Twelve billion Euro… This is the colossal cost of wasted food in France each year. It is no wonder that the pioneering social enterprise company Eqosphere decided to tackle the issue head-on by offering solutions from its very founding in 2012.

Its founding CEO Xavier Corval, rapporteur for the ministerial steering committee for the prevention of food wastage, took part in setting up a national pact that aims to reduce food wastage in France by half by 2025.

“We design measures adapted to each stakeholder’s case to reduce wastage and optimize the recycling of food and non-food items that are either unsold or unsaleable in their primary marketing chain. With our expertise in both strategy and operations, we assist businesses in their CSR (corporate and social responsibility) and cost-reduction processes,” explains Xavier Corval.

A first diagnostic phase allows Eqosphere to identify and qualify the “future former waste”, before providing recommendations on processes to be implemented and training for staff members through certified courses, financed by the OPCAs to “instill an anti-waste ethos”. The Eqosphere operations team then takes charge of orienting the products towards welfare and benevolent organizations as well as the re-use and recycling sectors. “In doing this, we can help reduce waste volumes by 10 to 15%,” adds Corval.